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2018 RI Next Generation Science Assessment (RI NGSA) Test Security Agreement /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/RI-NGSA-Test-Security-Agreement-2018.pdf
Test Security Agreement for the 2018 RI Next Generation Science Assessment (RI NGSA)
Periodic Table /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Periodic_Table.pdf

The Periodic Table is available online for the 8th and 11th grade NGSA and appears on the global menu. If desired, students have the option of using a printed paper copy of the Periodic Table. Click on the link to the left to download a PDF copy of the Periodic Table.

This document is intended for educators, particularly IEP teams, as they prepare for and administer the Rhode Island Next Generation Science (RI NGSA) assessments. The Accommodations and Accessibility Manual provides information on how to select and administer accessibility features, universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations for students who need them.

RI NGSA Paper Materials Order Form /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/RI-Paper-Test-Materials-Order-Form_FINAL.docx
Please follow the instructions on this form to place orders for standard, large print, and braille paper test materials for the RI NGSA. You may only place an order for paper test materials for a student that is present in TIDE with the accommodation listed in the student’s IEP or 504 plan.
RI NGSA Test Irregularity Form /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/RI-NGSA-Irregularity-Reporting-Form-2018.docx
2018 RI NGSA State Assessment From to Report a Testing Irregularity or Security Breach
User Role Permissions for Secure Online Systems /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/RI_User-Role-Permissions_Brochure_FINAL.pdf

This brochure outlines the user roles and permissions for each secure online testing system used to administer the online assessments for the Rhode Island Next Generation Science Assessment (RI NGSA). These systems include the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) and the Test Administration (TA) Interface.