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Resource Description
Configurations and Troubleshooting for Windows /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Configurations-and-Troubleshooting-for-Windows.pdf
Configurations and Troubleshooting for Mac /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Configurations-and-Troubleshooting-for-Mac.pdf
Configurations and Troubleshooting for ChromeOS /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Configurations-and-Troubleshooting-for-ChromeOS.pdf
Configurations and Troubleshooting for Linux /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Configurations-and-Troubleshooting-for-Linux.pdf
Configurations and Troubleshooting for Android /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Configurations-and-Troubleshooting-for-Android.pdf

These companion documents supplement the information given in the Quick Guide document by providing more detailed instructions on specific configurations, as well as basic troubleshooting. 

Quick Guide for Setting up Online Testing Technology /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/Quick-Guide-for-Setting-up-Online-Testing-Technology.pdf

This manual acts as a "driver" document for technology coordinators to set up TA and student workstations and configure networks and assistive technologies. 

Operating System Support Plan /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/RI_EOL_2019-2020_FINAL.pdf

This document outlines the supported operating systems during the upcoming test administration and following years. This plan helps districts and schools manage operating system deployments based on the support timelines.

Braille Requirements and Testing Manual /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/RI_Braille_Reqs_Manual_2018-2019.pdf
This manual includes information about supported operating systems and required hardward and software for Braille testing. It provides information on how to configure JAWS, navigating an online test with JAWS, and how to administer a test to a student requiring Braille.
Sample PRN File /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/prnsample.prn
This is a sample PRN file to help configure settings for Braille software.
Sample BRF File /core/fileparse.php/1631/urlt/brfsample.brf
This is a sample BRF file to help configure settings for Braille software.